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Welcome to Copper Horse


Fine Artisan spirits made in the Heart of South Carolina

Government regulations/restrictions prevent us from selling our spirits online. However, we have a number of fine retailers throughout the Southeast carrying our products. If your favorite store is not yet carrying Copper Horse, ask for it or contact us and we will help find a retailer close to you.

Don't forget our delicious handmade Cream Liqueurs


Pecan Praline Cream

Pralines are a staple of traditional, Southern deserts. Taken straight from my Grandmama's own recipe, my Pecan Praline Copper Cream Liqueur blends lush, handmade spirits with silky, heritage cream to create a flavor you'll cherish sip after sip.  


Salted Chocolate Truffle Cream

If you are a chocolate lover, then I have the cream for you! Based off another family recipe, our Salted Chocolate Truffle offers rich chocolate & maple flavor with just a touch of salt for an added bite. This succulent cream is as tasty as any homemade, Southern dessert.  


Red Velvet Peppermint Cream

This seasonal releases is simply Christmas in a bottle. Savor traditional, red velvety flavor with a crisp twist of peppermint for what I am sure will become one of your favorite holiday treats.  We only make this cream during the holidays, so be sure to pick up a few bottles. It won't last long!